How to Judge Whether the Electronic Cooling Fan Has Been Used or Not?

1. Check the blades of the electronic cooling fan

The surface layer of the blades of the original electronic cooling fan will show matt feeling. It feels rough to use and you can see the fine and even particles while the refurbished fan has long-term friction with the air, the particles on the surface of the dc cooling fan blades disappear. It looks smooth and traces of friction can be seen.

2. Check trademark logo of the electronic cooling fan

The self-adhesive printing of the original dc cooling fans is very delicate, the color is well-proportioned, and the handwriting of the packaging printing is clear and glossy, which is prominent. But the trademark logo of the refurbished fan is irregular, and the quality of packaging and printing products is very poor. Therefore, the background color is uneven and the handwriting is not prominent, and the color will be scraped off by gently scraping of your nails, and the original trademark logo will not be easily damaged by scratching with your nails.

3. There are also installing holes at the end of the electronic cooling fan

The refurbished fan is all used, so there are traces in the installing hole. If it is a self-tapping screw, there will be a thread in the hole. If it is fixed with a screw and a screw cap, there will be an indentation around the screw cap.