Is the Dc Cooling Fan Waterproof After Being Added Lubricating Oil?

1. How to protect the DC cooling fan from moisture?

There are two actual waterproof methods for electronic cooling fans. One is to vacuum the motor to make the airtightness meet the requirements of moisture-proof. In the second category, the use of A and B resin sealing motors has better effect and makes the process more responsible. Accordingly, the investment will be higher.

2. Can it really be waterproof since many electronic cooling fan manufacturers adopt the method of adding grease to waterproof?

Refueling has no effect on the waterproof of the DC cooling fan. This is because the important role of lubricating oil is to reduce the conflict between parts. It is insoluble in water, but it cannot actually play a role in waterproofing and DC cooling fans must be moisture-proof. Normally, the stator is used. That is to say the motor, which involves the PCB board wrapped together with a special kind of glue is used so that water cannot enter the motor. Just like the two methods mentioned above, we are here to remind buyers that when buying a moisture-proof DC cooling fan, you must figure out what type of method the manufacturer uses for waterproofing.

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