How to Select CPU Fans

1. Is it appropriate to refuel the DC centrifugal fan?

The bearing box should be refueled on time according to working standards. After the bearings of the DC centrifugal fan are refueled, sometimes the temperature becomes high. The key is to add too much oil. At this time, the temperature continues to rise. After a certain point (usually 10°C-15°C higher than the normal operating temperature), it will remain consistent, and then slowly decrease.

2. The cooling motor of the DC centrifugal fan is small and the cooling air volume is not enough. 

The temperature of smoke and dust at the axial induced draft fan is between 120°C and 240°C. If the bearing box is not properly refrigerated, the bearing temperature will increase. The simple and energy-saving solution for the factory is to set compressed air cooling on the hub-side bearing. When the temperature is low, there is no need to activate the compressed air refrigeration. On the contrary, when the temperature is high, the compressed air refrigeration is activated. After confirming that what mentioned above does not exist, check the bearing box of the DC centrifugal fan.

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