How to Choose a Cooling Fan for Medical Equipment?

1. Why do medical devices use universal cooling fans?

In fact, the original intention of applying DC cooling fans in medical equipment is not to dissipate heat, but only use the air supply effect of DC cooling fans to absorb the heat value of the internal structure of the machinery and equipment.

Obviously, medical equipment is used on patients, so the reliability is as high as possible, and low noise is also necessary. Other patients should not be disturbed.

The most important thing is that the standard air pressure of the DC cooling fans is very high. Since most medical devices that use universal cooling fans are equipment, and the indoor space is also quite large, there should be enough standard air pressure to extract the hot air as much as possible.

Therefore, when selecting a universal cooling fan for medical equipment, the most important thing is the static pressure value, noise value and reliability of the DC cooling fan.

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