Causes of Wear of Axial Flow Fans

The wear and tear of the axial flow fan will cause the centrifugal fan to vibrate, reduce the service life of the centrifugal fan, and make the centrifugal fan not work properly when it is more serious.

In particular, the blades of centrifugal fans are more severely worn, which not only destroys the internal flow characteristics of the centrifugal fans, but also easily causes major safety accidents such as blade rupture and flying. Therefore, scientific research on the wear mechanism of axial flow fans and effective anti-wear countermeasures are very necessary. So, the root cause of axial fan wear:

1. The cooling fan of the axial flow fan is dusty and worn

A large amount of fine smoke and dust in the whole process of centrifugal fan work, due to long-term accumulation, will cause damage to the rolling bearings, blades and motors of the centrifugal fan. As for the mini centrifugal fan, the damage will be for times.

Due to the small size of the particulate matter, there are many types of smoke and dust, and many smoke and dust cannot be removed reasonably, which may cause damage to the wearing parts of the centrifugal fan.

In addition, some companies buy centrifugal fan to better control costs, improve the actual effect of natural ventilation centrifugal fans, reduce the use of centrifugal fan dust removal equipment, which will cause obvious smoke and dust to damage the centrifugal fan, increase centrifugal fan wear and common failures risk.

2. The speed of the cooling fan of the axial flow fan is too high

Running speed is another key cause of cooling fan wear. According to the statistical analysis of the centrifugal fan wear data, the degree of wear is related to the operating speed of the centrifugal fan. Under the high temperature standard, the operating speed of the centrifugal fan has doubled, and the wear of the centrifugal fan has increased by 3 times.