In 1968, China was in a contradictory era, where on the one hand, there was a lack of prosperity and poverty, and on the other hand, the whole nation was focused on economy developing. Mr. Cao was born in this era. Since the beginning of his memory, due to the large population of the family and the lack of resources, the elders have the advantages of being easy-going, humble, and hardworking. Influenced by this, Mr. Cao has also developed humility and loyalty, often giving up food and clothing to his elders and younger generations. The family praised the young Mr. Cao greatly. There is an ancient Chinese saying that the children of the poor are early masters, and the young Mr. Cao also felt that he should take the responsibility to lead his family out of poverty, so that the next generation would no longer worry about food and clothing.


After 1970s, society became stabilized gradually. Since the visit of US President Nixon to China in 1972, Professor Yuan Longping has cultivated hybrid rice, greatly alleviating the problem of food shortage. In 1979, China established diplomatic relations, and in 1980 China established the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. After 1985, China successively opened up the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Southeast Fujian, and Bohai Rim Economic Development Zones. Since the 1990s, many people in Mr. Cao's hometown started entrepreneurship, watching the successful cases of his fellow villagers, Mr. Cao became even more firm in his childhood ideas, and he must have a good future when he grows up.


With age, opportunities finally come. Mr. Cao, who had just passed his thirties, accumulated some start-up funds for starting an industry through his frugality. After experiencing various resource integration, he found that many relatives, friends, and fellow villagers were working as mold makers in Dongguan. Everyone recognized Mr. Cao's character and was willing to help with his efforts. Therefore, Mr. Cao made up his mind to come to Dongguan to create a mold factory, which could not only take care of the surrounding relatives, friends, and fellow villagers, but also could do something of his own. Do as you please, and in 1999, the mold factory was established. As is well known, after the mold is produced by the mold factory, it is handed over to the injection factory for following processing. Generally speaking, a set of molds can produce about 200000 sets of products, and after repair and maintenance, 100000 sets more of products can be processed. However, Mr. Cao's mold factory can generally produce 300000 sets of products before they wear out. After repair and maintenance, a total of 400000 sets of products can be processed, which is very guaranteed. Mr. Cao led several masters to win unanimous praise from customers by working steadfastly and being a serious person. He continuously established good partnerships with a lot of companies which supported him a lot later. The market is getting bigger, customers are getting more and more, orders are constantly flowing, and the company is thriving.

With the expansion of the customer base for mold making, Mr. Cao's mold making factory gradually came into contact with customers with higher requirements. Therefore, the drawback of only doing mold making gradually emerged. The quality of molds is often linked to the level of injection molding technology. In the next stage, the injection molding factory, due to its limited technology, produced products with varying quality, which is considered a mold problem. Mr. Cao, in order to maintain a high standard and high standard service spirit, and in addition, high-end customers also strongly demand that we inject our own products to ensure the quality of their brand products. Therefore, in 2002, the predecessor of WHEE, Haixiang Mould Plastics Corporation Limited, was established in this situation.

In the early days of the establishment of the injection molding factory, based on his past experience, Mr. Cao could only look before he leaps. After many times trial and error, he was afraid of not considering the issues carefully, so he recruited another team of people to work together and strive to make the injection molding factory bigger and stronger. Mr. Qian, the leader of QC department, believed that he was enthusiastic and kind, meticulous and responsible in his work, and gradually entered Mr. Cao's vision. In the early stages of the development of the injection molding plant, Mr. Qian repeatedly discovered fatal problems in the middle and early stages of order production, saving immeasurable losses and making great contributions to the survival and development of the injection molding plant. However, as Einstein said the path to the truly great realm of humanity is only one path of suffering. The suffer came very soon. Once, a cooling fan order was returned in large quantities to Mr. Cao's customer, who demanded that Mr. Cao be responsible for it. After careful review by Mr. Cao and Mr. Qian, it was unanimously agreed that the low-voltage start should be explicitly requested by the customer. If the customer did not request it, we could not know that this batch of fans needs to be able to start at a voltage of 5V-7V, so the responsibility could not be entirely on our side; On the other hand, the industry standard mentions low voltage startup, and Mr. Cao also recognized this point. As he was a new entrant, he was not clear about this requirement and should also take some responsibility. So after multiple negotiations with the customer, it was ultimately decided that Mr. Cao fully bears the client's losses, he pays tuition fees for a new field, and he earns super good reputation. Afterwards, the customer was grateful and praised Mr. Cao endlessly. Mr. Qian also recognized Mr. Cao's responsibility and ability to achieve great things. He suggests that Mr. Cao directly product this finished cooling fan, because he was proficient in this kind of cooling fan, and he was confident in manufacturing finished cooling fan. So Mr. Qian became a partner of Mr. Cao, who further expanded his industry and began to focus on the research and production of finished heat dissipation fans. At this point, WHEE has begun to take shape.

Due to the further expansion of the business, Mr. Cao is responsible for resources, procurement, and finance, while Mr. Qian is responsible for business, production, and quality inspection. The two of them worked together and collaborated. With the accumulated reputation in the past, they successfully established cooperation with many globally renowned brands. However, at this point, a new problem has emerged. Mr. Cao and Mr. Qian are both from the bottom of management and only know how to do things well, products well, and quality well. They do not understand the management model reform after collaborating with large brands. In the production management process, they are often pointed out by large companies as lacking in process systems, the hidden hazards in production safety and quality . At this moment, Mr. Qian thought of his old Taiwanese friend Mr. Cai, who is well-educated, and has been serving as a senior executive in Taiwanese enterprises. He not only has the skills and connections, but also has a very advanced management model and philosophy. Therefore, Mr. Qian plans to invite Mr. Cai to help.

The fate between people is arranged by heaven. Some people cannot become friends for a lifetime, while others can recognize each other at first sight and become close friends. Mr. Cai, Mr. Cao, and Mr. Qian belong to the latter. Mr. Cai has thought of the management reform he wants to implement, but he doesn't know how to implement it; Mr. Cai has experience in solving the problems encountered by Mr. Cao. In this way, WHEE has expanded from its previous two person core to a three person core. Mr. Cai not only established a sound process system for WHEE, filling the management gap, but also brought a large number of Taiwanese customers, stabilizing WHEE's market share. In various aspects, WHEE is gradually approaching the world's top standards, and has gradually obtained a series of international certifications such as CE, UL, ROHS, IOS, etc. At the same time, it has become a partner of some Fortune 500 companies, providing technological research and development support and finished product production services for their heat dissipation modules.


Up to now, the industry application of WHEE products is very broad, which can provide customers with supporting heat dissipation modules. This year WHEE plan to launch its brand globally, and the story of WHEE is still ongoing. We hope that your company would like to join in writing exciting WHEE stories in the future.